Natural vegetable tanned leather, or "veg tan", is tanned using an age-old process that utilizes tannins and ingredients found in vegetation. Some ingredients can include extracts from tree bark, wood, leaves, fruits and roots, and the hide’s final color may vary in color, tone and darkness depending on the mix of materials used in the process.

Over time the tanned hide takes on a patina that is unique to the user. Sun exposure, daily handling, water, and conditioning give natural vegetable tanned leather a rustic look over time.


In Japanese the term for appreciating the unique, imperfect beauty of aged things is called Wabi Sabi. In English we might just say that these are things that “get better with age”, and the evolution of a product made of natural vegetable tanned leather embodies this spirit through and through.


Our natural vegetable tanned leather come from the finest tanneries, and each piece we create has it’s own special marks and characteristics that make it unique to the user.

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