Our New Shores Beaded Bracelets

July 31, 2016

We’ve been fortunate to live a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean all of our lives. No matter where we've traveled it is the “magnetic north” to our compass, always pointing towards home. With Joe hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Yumi from a small Japanese town steeped in tradition,  and now both living and working in beautiful San Diego, California, the Pacific Ocean and the land that surrounds it has been the inspiration for many of our designs.  

The colors, textures, and wildlife native to the beaches of the West Coast make it one of the most special places in the world, and we are happy to introduce the Shores Bead Bracelet to pay tribute to the place that has given us so much. 

Made with vintage Japanese glass, jasper or serpentine beads combined with hints of red, turquoise and brass, they are a reflection of the many different treasures found among the sand, rocks and cliffs that border the Pacific Ocean. Each bracelet features a unique leather accent and are made for an easy and comfortable fit. These unisex bead bracelets are the perfect accent piece for formal or casual occasions and can be stacked with others of different colors for a custom look. 

See them here

Raise Your Sail High, 

Joe & Yumi
Friday & River

Mens round bead bracelets mixed stones

Friday and River Shores beaded stone bracelets Black Brown and White

mens bead bracelets with horween shell cordovan watch strap

San Diego Del Mar Beach Cliffs


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