Custom Leather Bags

We are excited to announce the launch of our men's leather bag collection - our take on classic silhouettes, handmade in our San Diego workshop.

Each handmade leather bag is unique and built to last a lifetime. The "naked" natural vegetable tanned leather will darken and age beautifully with time, and will take on a personality and life of it's own. The first day it is used it will begin to change in shade withe exposure to sun, and take on it's own special wear pattern unique to the user. Like raw selvedge denim, the new leather "veg tan" bag is just the beginning as it ages, wears and becomes more special over time. 

Many of our bags feature a "live edge" unique to each bag. 

What is "live edge"? 

"Live edge" refers to the unfinished edge of a leather hide. Similar to the "self edge" of raw denim, there is only a limited amount of the live edge per hide.  It has it's own unique shape and characteristics, and often has the square marks left by the metal clips used by the tannery to hang and stretch the leather side during the tanning process.  

Natural vegetable tanned leather live edge pocket

See our complete collection of men's and women's made in the USA leather bags here.

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