The Sumie Classic Leather Tote Bag

July 17, 2016

When we lived in Tokyo, both working for international fashion brands, we wanted to experience all of Japan. We traveled to the snow-packed mountains of Hokkaido to the aqua-blue tropical island of Okinawa meeting amazing people and soaking in the rich history that is interwoven with modern culture. We were particularly inspired by the precise attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship at the heart of Japanese design, as well as the age-old philosophy that there is inherent beauty in the tiny "imperfections" of things that have aged or are made with human hands. 

This philosophy, known as wabi-sabi, combined with a dedication to thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship has inspired every piece that we make. It is in this spirit that we are very happy to release our first leather bag as part of our Sumie Collection - The Classic Leather Tote Bag

Inspired by the art of traditional ink-and-brush Japanese calligraphy, each Sumie leather tote bag is hand-dyed with its own unique pattern and will darken and develop a beautiful patina with age. 

See more details of the Friday & River Sumie Classic Leather Tote Bag here


Joe & Yumi


Wabi Sabi leather tote bag

Artistic leather tote bag

Classic leather tote bag

Hand dyed classic leather tote bag close up

Japanese inspired leather tote bag

handmade Leather tote bag by bench

Hand made in usa leather tote bag

hand made in usa leather market tote close up

Leather market tote in the garden

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