Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

Shell Cordovan Watch Straps with Rolex Sub Mariner

Originally produced by the Visigoths of Cordoba Spain in the seventh century, few leathers share the quality, feel, durability, and aging characteristics of Shell Cordovan leather.

Famed US tannery Horween started producing their Shell Cordovan in 1905 in Chicago, when it was used primarily by barbers for straight-razor strops. Because of its smooth even finish and unique non-creasing characteristics, it quickly became the favorite leather of luxury shoe makers like Alden and Allen Edmonds.

This rare and beautiful leather is made of a specific fibrous muscle from the rear of the horse, and only a few square feet of this leather can be made from each animal.

Shell Cordovan has an intensive tanning process that can take months, and includes “hot stuffing” the leather with fats, greases and oils during the retaining process. Only a few tanneries in the world make this kind of leather, each with their own proprietary, carefully guarded process.

Because of the durability and beautiful aging of Shell Cordovan watch bands, they have become a favorite among watch collectors who pair them with vintage watches, and luxury time pieces such as Rolex, Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Breitling, and Patek Philippe. They are also great compliments to more utilitarian watches such as the Timex Field Watch, Tudor, Citizen and any number of underground-classic Seiko Automatic watches.

Shell Cordovan Nato Watch Strap



All of our Shell Cordovan watch straps are carefully cut and stitched by hand, and are made of carefully selected pieces from the US (Horween) as well as Italy and Japan. We offer 1 and 2-piece Nato style straps, available in Black Shell Cordovan, and Burgundy Color #8 Shell Cordovan. View the collection here.

Due to the rarity and demand of Shell Cordovan we cannot guarantee that we will carry a certain color for an extended period of time. Stock is extremely limited.

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