The Ultimate Leather Wallet Gift Guide

December 03, 2017


Classic mens leather wallets billfolds

A clean, classic, minimal leather wallet is an essential for any everyday carry kit, and finding the perfect one can be a challenge. Which is why we've put together this holiday gift guide to help pick the perfect wallet as a gift or for yourself.

Whether you want to carry just a few cards with the perfect front-pocket wallet, or are looking to make a statement with a classic leather long wallet and braided lanyard, we proudly present options for any style of carry. 

All of our leather wallets, billfolds and card holders are made by hand and designed to last a life time. We hope that you cherish them, that they are loyal companions that never fail you, and one day get passed on to a new generation. 

Each is made one-by-one with premium leather, and finished and inspected by hand. 


slim Leather veg tan and horween chromexcel billfold


Featured above, this billfold is our take on the classic men’s leather wallet. It combines rich dark brown Horween Chromexcel leather with natural vegetable tanned leather for a truly timeless feel. Also available in Black, Indigo and Natural.  

Minimal indigo leather walletTHE McGRAW WALLET - OILED INDIGO NUBUCK

Inspired by minimal Japanese design, our signature McGraw Wallet is made from a single piece of leather and hand-stitched, this minimal leather wallet is designed to carry the essentials. Also available in Black, Brown, Sumie and Natural. 



Made from durable English bridle leather with a natural veg tan accent, the Thornwood Wallet is a slim leather wallet perfect for the essentials. It can be used as a minimal card case and carried in the front pocket for those that want less bulk. Also available in Natural, Brown and Indigo.


Natural veg tan card holder minimal slimTHE TECOLOTE WALLET - NATURAL VEG TAN

Made from a single piece of leather, the Tecolote is a minimal leather wallet designed to carry your essentials. The front pocket carries the 2-3 cards for easy access while your lesser-used cards are stored neatly and securely in the main pocket. Also available in Black, Indigo, Sumie and Brown. 



Designed for those who like to carry just the essentials, the Tri-Pocket Card Holder is a classic slim leather card wallet featuring three pockets for carrying credit cards, business cards and a few bills. Also available in Natural, Black, Indigo and Sumie. 

Minimal leather card holderTHE McGRAW CARD HOLDER - SUMIE 

Simple and clean, our signature McGraw Card Holder is designed to carry the essentials. Made from a single piece of hand-dyed natural color vegetable tanned leather, 
this minimal leather card holder can be used as a slim wallet to hold several credit cards or a combination of cards and folded bills. Also available in Black, Natural, Tan Chromexcel, Oiled Indigo and Oiled Brown. 







Our signature long leather wallet, the Waseda Wallet is designed to be a slim version of the classic biker wallet. We created this wallet from a personal desire to have a leather long wallet that does not have any thick points, making it more comfortable to carry in your back pocket. Also available in Black, Natural and Oiled Brown.

Monogrammed leather wallet

Free custom monogramming is available upon request. 


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