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Brasserie by Niche Waffles

Okay, we don't know if that is exactly true, and we're sure that there are many amazing brunch restaurants in St. Louis, but we were lucky enough to have Brasserie by Niche recommended to us by the kind folks at East + West so we were eager to try it out. We don't normally "brunch" but we were in town for a family wedding so we broke away one morning to try Brasserie and it did not disappoint. 

We started with cups of St. Louis's own Sump Coffee, followed by fresh beignets, hazelnut waffles and their famous eggs benedict (no pic available - it got devoured quickly). 

Our verdict? Amazing. The food was fresh and delicious and the service was great. If not the best brunch in St. Louis, it's one of the best meals we've had and we've been blessed enough to travel all over the world. 

St. Louis Botanical Japanese Garden

Stuffed full of beignets and waffles, we ventured out into the 97 degree heat and visited the St. Louis Botanical Garden to see one of the largest and most inspiring Japanese gardens in the USA. We didn't get to spend much time there as we needed to head off to wedding, but their Japanese garden (and the rest of the botanical garden) is incredible and certainly worth the visit. 

Last but not least, being from the center of the craft beer universe, we had to try some local malt beverages. Now this is the ONE place in the world that can claim Budweiser as a local brew, but we wanted something that we couldn't get, and were recommended Shlafly's Pale Ale. Schlafly is the pioneer of St. Louis craft brew, blazing that trail since 1991. They were told it was a fool's task to set up a craft brewery in Anheuser-Busch's backyard, but more than 20 years later they are going strong with a large and loyal following. That said, the beer was delicious and I could only hope we can find it in more places in the happily-crowded tap-o-sphere of San Diego. 



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