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oiled indigo leather card holder horween
natural veg tan minimal card holder
slim brown leather small wallet
Black slim leather wallet

The McGraw Wallet

We drew inspiration from the minimal design ethos of Japan and combined artful design with utility to create our signature McGraw Wallet and McGraw Card Holder. Made from a single piece of leather and hand-stitched with extremely strong artificial sinew, these minimal leather wallets are designed to carry the essentials and hold them in a unique way. 

McGraw minimal leather wallet billfold

Embossed waves sail boat leather coaster

Raise Your Sail High

We are inspired by the idea that the higher you raise your sail, the farther your ship will go. Meaning that the the harder you work, the better your attitude is, the more positive your outlook on life, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. When we started Friday & River we felt that this sentiment was the perfect reflection of what we stand for, creating our mantra of Raise Your Sail High. 

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